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James Massa interviewed by Richard Rierson’s “Dose of Leadership”.

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James Massa participates in walk to Guatemala.  Completes 10 years of training leaders there.

2003 – Initial conference with Guatemala Prospera.  Talk Topic “30 Principles for Richness without Sorrow”

Guat 2003  Guat Teaching 2006 Conference attendees in Guat

2005                                      2006                                                                              2007

Guat  2005 University Guatemala Peru 2003

2013 – Starting in Montgomery, AL and walking through Mobile, AL to Houston, TX, and eventually into Guatemala City

Mobile bound Crossing into TX billboard in Guat about walk  walk in Guatemala newspaper coverage 1

2013 – Appreciation Reception at Guatemala National Palace.  Training of trainers and them going out to train others.

Presentation at Presidential Palace Training of trainers with Manuel training of trainers sending out trainers to train

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